Max Tundra (4 stars)

Max Tundra

Carling Academy, Glasgow, Sun 2 Nov

The Max Tundra live experience is a million miles away from the home listening headphones one, as I discovered. Max was made to perform live, and perform he does, throughout a one-man, all-singing-all-dancing-show. He’s a man truly enthusiastic about his own work, a quality he shares with Har Mar Superstar, along with an unpredictable stage persona and seemingly endless energy.

Whilst smacking the piano like some kind of jazzy church organist, throwing shapes, glockenspielling and synthesising like it was 1982, it seemed like Max might be about to smoke and spontaneously explode, however his accomplished voice softened the blow.

He conveys a great understanding of his craft, making high-energy electro pop that could soundtrack a computer game utilising a colourful array of children’s instruments, all of which, no matter how silly, was well received by the audience. He rounds up his musical journey with a quirky version of ‘So Long, Farewell’ from The Sound of Music. What might come across initially as aural harassment is actually a delight for eyes and ears and enjoyable by anyone who needs a good Max-strength pick-me-up.


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