Drums of Death (5 stars)

Drums of Death

Playdate at Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Sat 25 Oct

If this is the future of music, then it’s loud and frightening, switching between grime, booty bass and a kind of sophisticated approximation of hardcore techno with a ferocious BPM which doesn’t relent for two hours. All played on laptops by a yelling, rapping man in full-on Mexican Day of the Dead white skull-effect face paint. A man from Oban. Mummy, I’m scared.

Not really. Colin Bailey should be a well-known face among Glasgow scenesters from his time in the city (where he helped run the Admiral’s monthly Kaput! night, which ends this very month). He’s been relocated in London for a while now, and a blend of his sheer production ability and Ozzy-influenced showmanship as DOD have seen him signed to Greco-Roman, guesting at the very best parties around the country (including this one) and touring the US with his spiritual mentors Hot Chip. Every single track played here is either his own re-edit – highlights included a medley from Peaches, with whom he has worked, and a truly era-crushing version of Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’ – or a sneak preview from his hugely anticipated debut album, due in early 2009.

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