Rocking Rascals

Rocking Rascals

Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Sun 16 Nov

As all parents know, having kids can seriously damage your social life. But if you’re hankering for your dancefloor days – or simply want to pass on the joy of cutting a rug to Dancing Queen – then the answer may be close at hand.

Conceived by Irish-born, Linlithgow-based mum, Emma Chalmers, Rocking Rascals is a club night, or rather afternoon, for children aged 1-7 and their parents/carers. Launched in Chalmers’ home town in August this year, the project is spreading its wings to Edinburgh, with dates in Glasgow and Fife on the horizon. The idea was originally born out of Chalmer’s love of dancing around the kitchen with her two young daughters, and the assumption that other kids and their grown-ups might get a kick out of it, too.

With a DJ, games, free juice and a healthy tuck shop, the three-hour event also features a mini performance by a local dance school. ‘I wanted kids to see how dancing can develop,’ explains Chalmers. ‘To show them that there are kids not much bigger than them doing proper moves.’

Described by Chalmers as ‘like going to a wedding, but without the wedding’, the DJ is instructed to play wall-to-wall floor-fillers, with Oasis, Kylie and Abba all on the bill, plus a few cheesy numbers and some bona fide rock tunes to let the event live up to its name. So far all the afternoons have been a complete success – not least because of the enthusiasm of Chalmers herself.

‘We try and give the event a bit of structure,’ she says. ‘So I’ll go round and chat to people and lead everyone in the Time Warp. I’m no dance teacher, but I’ll get up and make a fool out of myself, because I have a great time doing it.’

Rocking Rascals

An afternoon of dancing and fun for kids aged 1-7 and their families. Visit for more info and to book a ticket.

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