Derrick May

This fortnight Subculture comes to Edinburgh after Studio 24’s manager, Gill McArthur, witnessed their programming of T in the Park’s Bacardi B-Bar by chance and felt she could make the night work in Reekie. ‘We’re all promoters first and foremost’, says Paul Crawford of his fellow Sub Club directors, ‘and that’s what really drives us and keeps us interested. We’ve all got a passion for the music.’

This background served Glasgow’s underground favourite well during a lengthy nomadic period between the Sub Club’s fire and refurbishment, and comes to the fore again now as they travel east with Detroit’s godfather of techno Derrick May and Subby stalwart Harri in tow. ‘We’re not looking to become God’s Kitchen or anything, that’s not what the Sub Club is about’, says Paul, who cites a change in management structure as facilitating the pursuit of opportunities like this. ‘We’d be interested in doing other things in Scotland, maybe in the UK, and possibly one or two things abroad, but we’re not looking to franchise the Sub Club as a name or a brand. That doesn’t really fit with the ethos of the place.’

It’s not that either party feels Edinburgh is lacking after dark. ‘We’re not coming at this from the perspective that the scene needs shaken up’, Paul insists. ‘Edinburgh’s got a very healthy scene, we’re just hoping to complement that and perhaps put our own stamp on it’. In saying this, he reasserts the mantra Harri has adopted from The Stone Roses: ‘it’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at.’

Studio 24, Edinburgh, Fri 14 Nov.

Derrick May also plays Subculture at the Sub Club, Glasgow, Sat 15 Nov.


Glasgow's well-established house institution continues to reign supreme, with residents Harri and Domenic and occasional big-name guests.

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