Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell New Labour’s arch doctor of spin tackles matters concerning real health with his debut novel, All in the Mind, based on his own mental breakdown back in the 1980s. Waterstone’s, Glasgow, Wed 19 Nov.

Alexei Sayle In the not too distant future, The Young Ones’ nasty landlord will be launching his memoirs. Here, he chats about Mister Roberts, his latest novel. Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow, Thu 20 Nov.

Alasdair Gray The grand old man of Scottish letters launches his new script in which he reimagines Goethe’s Faust. And Fleck is the name of this fresh take. Blackwells, Edinburgh, Thu 20 Nov.

Sara Maitland No one takes the notion of a bit of peace and quiet as literally as this author. See preview. Granta.

Jack Kilborn With his pseudonymous debut Afraid, Kilborn plunges into HP Lovecraft and Stephen King territory with terrifying aplomb. See review. Headline.

Toni Morrison The Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winner brings us A Mercy, a typically acute tale of ancient bigotries which shine their lights upon the present. See review. Chatto & Windus.

Ace Trucking Co Volume One 2000AD publishers Rebellion keep a high-quality reprint schedule from the back pages of Britain's most celebrated comic, but this space-trucking sci-fi comedy is particularly recommended for young and old. See review. Rebellion.

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