5 Things


Sarah Kendall

1 Back in her native Oz, a young Kendall first worked her comedy routine for fellow students at Sydney University while majoring in modern history. She fought for a while against stage fright insisting that stand-up was ‘a good way to get into vomiting.’

2 Her comedy idols include Ellen DeGeneres, Maria Bamford and Dom Irrera.

3 She took a year out from comedy to hike around Iceland and hang out in the jazz clubs of Chicago.

4 Although some of her material has seemed a tad cruel against the younger members of our society, Kendall insists that she likes kids and appreciates their sense of humour.

5 Then there’s the thing with old people. She’s done jokes about Harold Shipman which have crossed some people’s lines. But she really does love her grandparents.

The Stand, Edinburgh, Tue 13 Mar; the Stand, Glasgow, Thu 15 Mar.

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