Exposure: North Atlantic Oscillation

Exposure: North Atlantic Oscillation

North Atlantic Oscillation - Hollywood Has Ended

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Further confirming that the laptop is the discerning musician’s instrument of choice, Glasgow/Edinburgh duo North Atlantic Oscillation deploy portable personal computers – alongside a phalanx of boring old things like guitars and basses and drums and plastic bottles (more on them later) – to make a blissful, atmospheric electro-space rock fug, a bit Squarepusher, a bit Caribou, a bit Yes, a bit ‘whatever you want to get from it’. Drums/synth/programming boffin Ben Martin logs on.

Admit it, during a gig you just hit ‘play’ then stand there animatedly playing solitaire and checking your email for the rest of the set.

No no! That was my suspicion as well when I first saw people using laptops live. But there’s really some skill involved. I hope so anyway.

North Atlantic Oscillation: sounds like the title of a school geography textbook (it’s actually a ‘climatic phenomenon’, so says ‘the internet’). Why choose it as a band name?

Probably just for that reason. At the time when we formed it was all bands with ‘The’ and lots of short named bands coming out. With the word ‘oscillation’ in it, you can think of it as an electronic type of thing. It just works. That’s probably the best way to explain it.

Plastic bottles you say? Do explain.

I think I was doing some recycling one day, and started tapping these bottles. I recorded the sound, and it ended up as an intro to a track. I guess we just mention it to sound interesting though to be honest.

North Atlantic Oscillation play Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Thu 20 Nov


Sans Trauma and North Atlantic Oscillation

Edinburgh epic-indieists. The headliners feature ex-members of Ganger, Degrassi, X-Tigers and Arab Strap's band.

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