Exposure: Kid British

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  • 14 November 2008
Exposure: Kid British

Kid British - Don't Listen To Annie

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I’m in the mood for some Specials-meets-Streets-meets-Madness-style pop hijinks.
Let me just go and check if we have anything suitable in the back. Now then, how about Kid British, ‘a collection of four dudes with a broad musical mindset which all contributes to their musical creations’.

What do they sound like – and have their musical skills ever been compared to a celebrity chef’s cooking prowess?
A Mancunian and jaunty reflection of urban Britain, it’s said that ‘they sound like the sun coming out... these lads whip up a tune as easy as Jamie Oliver making a meal out of the contents of a student’s fridge’.

I’m looking for a band with a wide range of influences...
Fear not, as they cast their musical net far and wide. ‘From Britpop to dub, from Prince to the Meat Puppets, they are a British band that are influenced by the good and the great - so many acts, not enough time.’

They also credit Outkast, De La Soul, Gorillaz and Blur with inspiring them. ‘Kid British take and create influence from any musical genre. They ain't trying to be different or clever, they just do what they like.’

Sounds promising...
They aim to be a breath of fresh air, as ‘at a time when musicians take music way too seriously - these boys are gonna put the fun back into listening to tunes.’

The Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Sun 16 Nov; Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Mon 17 Nov.


Kid British, Kase, Waiting for Go and Vagabond Poets

Over-s14s show. The band who are being called 'the Mancunian Specials' have also supported said band.

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