We Are Klang

Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Thu 15 Mar


We Are Klang, proud owners of the most obscure name in a genre of obscure names, are doing rather well. Winner of countless awards, it seems that people are really getting their ridiculous humour, so childish it’s bloomin’ intelligent. Their success is at least partially hinged on individual successes as stand-ups. Greg Hall, the impossibly tall one with the air of a corrupt teacher, offers a blunt style that seems to burst from him, contrasting beautifully with the confused world of Marek Larwood, a man who seems as if life caught him by surprise one day while sitting on the toilet. And then we have the more conventionally laddish Steven Hall, the trio’s cocky little brother. When asked about their individuality, he’s certain it has made Klang the way it is. Hall says, ‘We’re so stylistically different, we come together in a really interesting way. We’ll probably keep doing separate projects so we can sometimes have a release from each other.’

This could also be the key to their future. At last year’s Fringe, they attracted huge critical attention and sellout audiences. Hall hopes this will expand and herald a harking back to the heyday of Lee and Herring who attracted a cult following with all the projects they graced with their presence. ‘We’d really like to reach a point where we could do Edinburgh and people would be interested in everything we’re doing.’

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