• The List
  • 27 February 2007


The Best Comedy

Stewart Lee A brand new show from Mr Clever Trousers with more sacred cows being put to his savagely satirical and pleasingly postmodern sword. The Stand, Glasgow, Fri 9 Mar.

Jeremy Hardy He may seem like a cuddly little koala but there’s viciousness in that lad’s veins. The right kind, though. The Garage, Glasgow, Sat 10 Mar.

Reginald D Hunter Quite literally your last chances to see this US master’s brilliant Pride & Prejudice & Niggas set. Prepare to be offended at times. The Stand, Glasgow, Sat 10 Mar; Tron, Edinburgh, Sun 11 Mar.

Russell Howard After a wonderfully successful Fringe last year, the Wandering lad has been popping up all over the telly and radio. He’ll be fabulously famous very soon. The Stand, Glasgow, Sun 11 Mar; Teviot Row Union, Edinburgh, Tue 13 Mar.

Limmydotcomlive See feature Blackfriars, Glasgow, Sun 11 Mar.

Joan Rivers The elderly glamourpuss who was born with a mouth of sulphur lets rip on her wide-ranging audience. King’s Theatre, Glasgow, Mon 12 Mar.

Josie Long See feature Brel, Glasgow, Mon 12 Mar.

Sarah Kendall See 5 Things The Stand, Edinburgh, Tue 13 Mar; the Stand, Glasgow, Thu 15 Mar.

Mark Watson See preview The Stand, Edinburgh, Wed 14 Mar; the Stand, Glasgow, Thu 15 Mar.

Wil Hodgson The Care Bear-lovin’ former wrestler and ex-card carrying communist brings us more musings with his quite obviously ironic Holiday Special. Lad’s a genius. The Universal, Glasgow, Thu 15 Mar.

We Are Klang See preview Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Thu 15 Mar.

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