Slayer - Carling Academy, Glasgow, Mon 3 Nov (4 stars)

Slayer - Carling Academy, Glasgow, Mon 3 Nov



That’s what Slayer are. Relentless in that they have been battering us with a music that they pretty much invented in the early 80s - they were the original thrash metal pioneers alongside Anthrax, Megadeth and Metallica - and still revisit that blueprint album after album, long after their creative and commercial zenith; the concise, twisted and ferocious Reign in Blood.

They're relentless also in that they trade in a style that employs considerable virtuosity, but comes out sounding like a hail storm.

Drummer Dave Lombardo is, frankly, a beast. A machine whose metronomic skills are beyond compare, he nails guitarists Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King’s, coruscating low-end fretwork down with a barrage of double bass drum action. King may look like a tubby, shaven, tattooed pirate but he solos like one of Beelzebub’s own axemen. Classics like ‘Angel of Death and ‘Raining Blood’ have lost none of their fury over the decades and while their modus operandi is relatively limited given the scope of so many metal acts today, it's still breathtaking to see someone thrash this well.

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