Kate Hudson's potty mouth

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  • 7 November 2008

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson claims she can't have a conversation without swearing

Kate Hudson can't have a conversation without swearing.

The 'Fool's Gold' star was delighted when she read the script for her new movie because it reflected her real-life foul mouth.

She said: "I swear a lot in 'My Best Friend's Girl'. But I actually talk like that. It was fun to swear in a movie.

"In real life, I can't hold a conversation without swearing, unless I have a script."

The actress - more famed for her roles in romantic comedies - has previously admitted she loved the chance to experience playing a sexually aggressive character in 'My Best Friend's Girl'.

She said: "I got to say and do certain things that most people say to each other in normal, everyday life. I got a little taste of what those 'Sex and the City' girls were up to for so long, which was fun."

However, Kate - who is divorced from Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson - tries to be more careful with her language in front of four-year-old son Ryder.

She added: "Now that I have a son, I don't swear as often on a day-to-day basis. But boy, yeah, I can throw out some bad words every once in a while."

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