Exposure: Cage The Elephant

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  • 11 November 2008
Exposure: Cage The Elephant

Who are Cage The Elephant?
They are ‘five blue-collar renegades’ - namely Matt Schultz (vocals), his brother Brad (guitar) and their friends Daniel Titchenor (bass), Lincoln Parish (guitar) and Jared Champion (drums). Matt, Brad and Daniel grew up on an alternative religious commune, and the whole band hails from Bowling Green, Kentucky, which, we are assured is ‘currently best known for manufacturing Chevrolet Corvettes and Fruit of the Loom underwear’.

But that could soon change: ‘Soon the name of this no-horse municipality will be synonymous with thunderously sexy rock ‘n’ roll, in the rampant guise of funked-up local heroes Cage The Elephant.’

There aren’t enough bands with the word ‘elephant’ in the title, are there?
That’s right – and Lincoln explains the band name’s origins, saying that in Indian religious philosophies the elephant is a symbol of strength and wisdom, representing good energy rather than negativity. ‘All you hear about on TV is the bad news – people want to cage the elephant.’

‘Our name kind of stands for the whole of society,’ Matt elaborates. ‘The people we all are by nature. Sometimes it feels like there’s a campaign to lock up all the good in the world. But we want to show that’s not right.’

Does that mean they are a politicial band?
‘We’re more social than political,’ stresses Lincoln. ‘About how people react to other people.’

What’s their story so far?
They have released debut single 'In One Ear' (an Edith Bowman record of the week), followed up by 'Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked' (a response to picking up a hitcher who turned out to be a prostitute of which Matt says ‘we all do things that aren’t necessarily honourable – you’ve just got to try and have a little respect for people’), and their self-titled debut album is brimming with ‘humanist party anthems’.

And they prove that there really isn’t any rest for the wicked – as they are now working on their second album. ‘We’ve gotten closer as people and closer as musicians,’ Lincoln says. ‘We’ve got into lots of different styles of music and everyone in the band brings their own element to the table.’

Are they looking forward to playing King Tut’s?

The excitement in Lincoln’s voice is clear. ‘Going on tour is like going on vacation for month and I don’t think any two shows are the same. It’s going to be awesome.’

Cage The Elephant play King Tut’s, Glasgow, Thu 13 Nov.

Cage the Elephant - In One Ear (new version)

Cage the Elephant and Laki Mera

Yelpy UK/US punk-funk. Part of the Edge Festival.

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