Exposure: Rosie and the Goldbug

Exposure: Rosie and the Goldbug

Who are Rosie and the Goldbug?
Singer Rosie Vanier, who gave her name to the band, explains: ‘We’re from Cornwall, have been together for a year and a half and are made up of me, Pixie the bass player who’s a real life pixie, and Plums the drummer who’s really theatrical. We play alternative pop music with a bit of electro rock thrown in. We are inspired by the ‘70s and ‘80s – everything from Fleetwood Mac to Cyndi Lauper and more modern bands like The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Black Kids and Ladyhawke.’

How do you feel about being described as ‘Kate Bush on crack with Goldfrapp on synths’?
Rosie admits that it’s ‘quite a compliment’ to be compared to both artists – although is understandably not so sure if anything on crack is ever a good thing.

And what kind of band are they live?
As well as confirming that they often cover ‘Planet Earth’ by Duran Duran, Rosie says: ‘We’ve played about 200 gigs in the last year and a half and we love it so much,’ she said. ‘When we play live we put everything into it and it’s usually quite energetic.’

Is Rosie’s unusual upbringing a factor in the band’s outlook?
Quite possibly, she acknowledges – as she grew up in a very isolated rural area. ‘It was very barren, with lots of space, and we had no neighbours. So I became obsessed with anything that was sparkly or interesting and it made me much more creative. If I’d grown up in Shoreditch it would have been very different.’

Rosie and the Goldbug play ABC2 a part of the JD Set, Glasgow, Tue 11 Nov.


Rosie and the Goldbug - You've Changed

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Lo-fi indie pop punk from New Cross, London, fronted by the extravagantly-eyebrowed Eddie Argos.

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