Exposure: The BossHoss

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  • 7 November 2008
Exposure: The BossHoss

Who the devil are The BossHoss?
‘The BossHoss are seven urban cowboys from the city of Berlin,’ says Hank Williamson, who takes charge of harp, mandolin, washboard and stylophone duties for the band. ‘We love country music, blues music and rock&roll. We love playing gigs and having a party on stage.’ As well as Hank the band is made up of Boss, Hoss, Russ, Guss, Frank and Ernesto.

How did they start their music career – and end up where they are now?
‘Four years ago Boss Burns and Hoss Power put the band together out of a group of musicians, all old friends,’ adds Hank. ‘What was originally intended as a bit of fun at a party suddenly proved itself to be a unique and exciting band with the most extraordinary appeal.’

‘The band started out initially by covering pop and hip hop hits in their own highly unexpected way, creating a new and distinctive sound - a form of cowpunk rock,’ Hank says , and they have covered songs like ‘Hey Ya!’ by Outkast or ‘Hot In Herre’ by Nelly. The albums have come to contain more and more of the band’s own original material.’

How would they describe their sound?
‘We play a weird mixture of instruments, some known from old time blues and country music, and others more usual to modern rock'n'roll. ‘Double bass meets screaming Hendrix-style electric guitar, riding on a wave of drums, washboard and percussion. Now and then a wailing harmonica can be heard and focusing above it all the remarkable voices of Boss and Hoss.’

Would they describe themselves as one of Germany's most successful live bands?
Ja. In fact Hank says that now, four years and three gold albums since they started out, they enjoy ‘huge popularity throughout parts of Europe’.

I’m thinking of going along to see them live – what should I expect?
‘The live repertoire is a good balance of both familiar and new songs delivered with a scorching intensity and a sense of fun,’ asserts Hank. ‘The live show is unforgettable - wild and energetic, and highly entertaining.’

Do they have any famous fans?
Indeed they do – a legendary radio DJ is said to love their current single ‘Word Up’ (released digitally on 3 November) so much that he has been playing it all the time according to Hank. ‘Terry Wogan likes it and is playing it every day! Yeee haaaw!’

The BossHoss play King Tut’s, Glasgow, on Monday 10 November. Their UK CD ‘Shake & Shout’ will be released on the same day.

The BossHoss - Word Up

The Boss Hoss, Bismarck and Richard Mailey

Country trash punk rock from - where else? - Berlin.

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