Exposure: Volcano!

Exposure: Volcano!

Is it possible to make experimental, technically intricate music fun? Volcano! say hell yes! Their second offering Paperwork – which follows on from critically-acclaimed debut Beautiful Seizure, released in 2005 – manages to mix noisy post rock, free jazz and post-punk influences with pop melodies and playful subject matter about the daily grind, Richard Pryor, failed sex attempts and Bono. Bloody Bono. It’s no mean feat, as we’re sure you’ll agree...

Sticksman Sam Scranton – how’s tricks?
‘We’re doing pretty well. Lately we've spent a lot of time speeding across the European countryside in a ridiculously large grey Mercedes Sprinter, playing shows, and then trying to park a ridiculously large grey Mercedes Sprinter in ridiculously small European parking spots’.

Ridiculous. Tell us about this new record.
‘Well our last album was too hard to play, so for this one we tried to make songs that were easier. But they actually all turned out very hard as well, and it took us about six months to learn how to play them. Most importantly though, this album is way more fun’.

Yay! We’re expecting a bit of a shindig live then...
‘Oh our shows are great. We freak out on stage, but not in a gross G.G Allen sort of way. When Aaron (With, guitar, vocals) sings, he spits, when I play the drums I sweat a lot because I play as hard as I can and Mark (Cartwright, synths, laptop, bass, melodica) adds an element of mystery to our stage presence.’ Sweat, spit, and mystery – what more could you want from a rock show, really?

The Arches, Glasgow, Monday 10 Nov.


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Cacophonous Chicago art-rock trio Volcano! do nasty things to accordians.


Wild and loud experimental indie-rock from Chicago-based band.'Part of Sound 2008'.

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