Glasgow Comedy Festival - Laugh A Minute


Brian Donaldson picks out his highlights from the Glasgow International Comedy Festival.

Stewart Lee Quite probably the most intelligent stand-up on the comedy circuit which means he often leaves people behind with his erudite musings. For those in tune with such convolutions, the effort is worth it. The Stand, Fri 9 Mar.

Reginald D Hunter Intelligence is also part of the US-born, UK-based comic’s armoury but if he wanted to, he could get away with rambling inane drivel, such is his powerhouse presence and delivery. Fortunately, he’s on a higher comedic plane. The Stand, Sat 10 Mar.

Joan Rivers Any act who can offend Roy Chubby Brown has got to be doing something right. And the mouthy madam has been doing it right for almost half a century now. King’s Theatre, Mon 12 Mar.

Sean Hughes On the 20th anniversary of his Perrier win, the man who is more likely to be seen on Five pretending to be a medic or heard on kids show Rubbadubbers as a toy shark, makes his first visit to a Glasgow stage for absolutely ages. ABC, Fri 16 Mar.

Andrew Maxwell He’ll be keeping us up all night later in the festival with his Fullmooners extravaganza, but here he spins the blarney in a show about the effect nighttime has on our souls. Old Fruitmarket, Fri 16 Mar.

David O’Doherty Lo-fi, high-pleasure antics from last year’s Eddies nominee. There’s not many out there who can elicit the funnies from a small keyboard, but this guy can. The Stand, Sun 18 Mar.

Lucy Porter She might look whiter than the whitest of whites, but this wicked lass is a demon at the dirty routine. Here she will be all devilish about The Good Life. Tron, Sat 24 Mar.

Phil Nichol The inaugural victor of the If.comeddies award has Scottish blood in his mainly Canadian veins, so we shall take him to our humble hearts. ABC, Sat 24 Mar.

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