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Brian Donaldson chews the fat with light entertainment legends Cannon and Ball.

What made you decide to do the Glasgow Comedy Festival?
A sense of danger as it’s a long time since we have worked in Glasgow. We have always found the people down to earth. Just like us.

Why did you pick the Grumbleweeds as your support act?
They have a style all of their own which complements us and doesn’t crash into our own individual style of comedy.

Where did the catchphrase ‘Rock on Tommy’ come from?
Part of our act in the early days was based on the story that Tommy wanted to record a record, or sing a ‘modern song’ without me. I used to get excited and would shout out loud (just as he started to sing) ‘Rock on Tommy!’ It became a catchphrase by accident. We would walk down the street, or go to the shops and people would just shout it out at us. They still do. We recently went to London, and while we were waiting for a taxi some builders over the road spotted us and started shouting it.

What do you think of modern comedy? Do you see yourselves as being the real alternative comedy now?
There is room for all sorts of different comedy. We never judge as we are happy being who we are. After all these years and still working we must be doing something right.

How did American audiences take to you? Do they have a similar sense of humour to British crowds?
They loved us: a knockabout double act ?" something they have a long vaudeville tradition of. We know times have changed. But as we said: ‘there’s room for us all.’ Bring it on! Oh, and Rock On!

What was the biggest lesson appearing on I’m A Celebrity . . . taught you?
That life is a game! We both enjoyed the experience immensely and doing the programme gave us a different perspective on life.

Kings Theatre, Wed 14 Mar.

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