Private person Julianne Moore

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  • 3 November 2008
Julianne Moore

Private person Julianne Moore

'Blindness' star Julianne Moore admits she hates strangers talking to her

Julianne Moore hates strangers talking to her.

The 'Blindness' actress doesn't like fans assuming they know her and wishes they would respect her privacy.

She said: "I simply don't like talking about my acting or the scene or any of that. I need my space.

"I'm there doing my thing, and to someone who doesn't know me, it will look like they can talk to me. But they can't."

Julianne - who has two children with her husband, film director Bart Freundlich - also admits her career decisions are often influenced by the lure of money.

She explained to Empire magazine: "There is stuff you do because you love to do it, there is stuff that is not very good, and then there's stuff that you end up doing because you need the money, because like anyone else you have to have a job.

"It's weird having a freelance job, because you've always got to work on where the next job is coming from, to pay the bills, the house and stuff. The weird question I get sometimes is, 'Would you ever just not work?' and I'm like, 'Would I ever starve to death?' "

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