Jason Donovan's tea tree trim

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  • 1 November 2008
Jason Donovan

Jason Donovan's tea tree trim

Jason Donovan has revealed he "sculpts" his pubic hair using tea tree oil foam

Jason Donovan "sculpts" his pubic hair.

The Australian singer - whose new album 'Let It Be Me' is released on November 10 - has no qualms about grooming his private parts, as long as he has the right products.

He said: "I come from Down Under, so can't say no to the odd little sculpt 'down there'. As long as the foam is of tea tree oil then bring it on - back, sack and crack all the way!"

The former 'Neighbours' actor - who also confessed he once hallucinated about a cyclist riding through him while under the influence of illegal drugs - went on to express his love for machine guns, which remind him of sex toys.

He said: "They're like big vibrators - sort of empowering, but at the same time scary, because it's bigger than you."

The 40-year-old star also revealed he once walked in on two celebrities having sex, but refused to disclose their identities.

He added to Britain's FHM magazine: "Back in the late 80s I accidentally saw a high-profile Aussie female personality and a high-profile Aussie male personality going at it.

"I won't go into names, but I think you can guess..."

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