Lethal drinker Grace Jones

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 1 November 2008
Grace Jones

Lethal drinker Grace Jones

Grace Jones claims she once "almost killed someone" during a tequila-drinking contest in Belgium

Grace Jones "almost killed someone" during a tequila-drinking contest.

The singer enjoys drinking the potent alcoholic beverage and claims she once took part in a competition which left one competitor seriously ill.

She said: "I did almost kill somebody in a tequila-drinking contest in Belgium. An ambulance had to come and get him. He was in hospital for three days.

"I had drunk a bottle. I'm the tequila queen."

Grace admits her love of the drink has left her in some awkward situations, not least when she was forced to leave a car because she was so inebriated.

She said: "Tequila is the devil in my life. I once drank so much on my birthday in Beverly Hills that Sven - who I was living with at the time - let me out of the car and drove off. I woke up under a stairwell in my Bulgari jewellery and Claude Montana fur with a bump on my head."

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