Madonna's text attacks

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  • 31 October 2008

Madonna's text attacks

Madonna has been sending estranged husband Guy Ritchie strange text messages blaming him for leaking details of their split

Madonna has been sending estranged husband Guy Ritchie strange text messages.

Guy, 40, showed some of the messages to the crew on his latest film 'Sherlock Holmes' - which he is currently shooting in Manchester, England - and one of them is believed to have warned "you're going down".

The director reportedly told a friend: "This is her idea of a joke - but it's not funny. Imagine what it was like living with her."

Madonna, 50, has reportedly sent a host of similar texts to Guy since announcing their split two weeks ago, blaming him for leaking details of the breakdown in their marriage.

Another source added to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "She loves to wind Guy up and this is just another example of her oddball humour. He doesn't take these things too seriously. If he did, it would drive him mad."

It was reported Madonna made an emotional plea to Guy to settle their divorce out of court - the first direct contact she has had with the film director since they split - earlier this week.

A source said: "Madonna tried to remind Guy of all the good times, said how they must settle before it got any more messy and public. She said she had been saddened by some of the criticisms of her which appeared to have come from his camp."

Madonna and Guy's lawyers are still negotiating the details of the divorce, after the filmmaker reportedly turned down a £20 million settlement offer.

The 'RocknRolla' director insists his main concern is securing access to the children they raise together - Lourdes, 11, Rocco, eight and David Banda, three.

The children are with Madonna on her 'Sticky and Sweet' tour at the moment, but due to be reunited with Guy soon, although Madonna will reportedly not be at the handover.


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