John Cleese's dog marriage

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  • 31 October 2008

John Cleese's dog marriage

John Cleese says marriages should be like dog licences, where couples have to renew their vows "every five years"

John Cleese says marriages should be like dog licences.

The British comic star, who is currently embroiled in a bitter divorce from third wife Alyce Faye Eichelberger, believes marriages should be regularly assessed and people starting a family should undergo testing first.

He said: "I think a marriage should be like a dog licence. You should have to renew marriage licences every five years, unless you have children. And before you have children you should have to go and pass various tests and get a licence to have a child. Because it's the most transformative and difficult thing of your life."

Cleese, who is planning to write a movie called 'May The Divorce Be With You', admits he is still baffled by the opposite sex.

The 68-year-old actor added to Britain's The Times newspaper: "I sometimes think that my main task in this particular existence has been to get to know and understand women better."

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