Classic Grand, Glasgow, Fri 2 Mar; Studio 24, Edinburgh, Sat 3 Mar


Just maybe, if Goldie keeps his head down for long enough, we’ll come to forget that he was binned early
on from a series of Celebrity Big Brother and no doubt coined it in as ‘gangster of the moment’ in EastEnders for a while. Perhaps even the far less shameful roles, playing ‘the Vinnie Jones part’ in Snatch and The World Is Not Enough, will also eventually fade from memory. Only then would Wolverhampton boy Clifford Price be remembered simply as the gold-grilled innovator who came to popularise British jungle and drum & bass (the latter term was slipping right into favour at the time) like no other.

Barely out of his teens in the mid-80s, the half-Scots, half-Jamaican Goldie (the name came from his blonde dreadlocks at the time, rather than his subsequent predilection for wearing expensive false teeth) first showed face in Bombing, Afrika Bambataa’s graffiti culture documentary of 1985. After a short time in Miami, he returned to the UK to begin his DJ and production career in 1992, using the aliases Rufige Cru and, most famously, Metalheadz.

The rest is pretty much history, from dating Björk to hob-nobbing with Oasis and getting Noel Gallagher to guest on his sophomore album Saturn Returnz. What is only mentioned in certain circles nowadays, however, is that his debut Timeless is possibly the hugest record the genre ever produced, and that ‘Inner City Life’ will always remain a stone classic amongst the best of any genre. No amount of subsequent screen time is ever likely to change that fact.

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