Exposure - VV Brown

Exposure - VV Brown

VV Brown = fun²: a primary coloured bubblegum burst of rockabilly beats, punk spirit, soulful singing and crazy-legged dancing, topped with the odd bleep and blip of Nintendo sounds. Which is all jolly good to hear, because the Northamptoner’s story starts a wee bit sadly, so hankies oot. Over to you VV.

I was living in LA, and writing away and basically just trying to pay my rent and get my break. I didn’t feel like I fitted in anywhere, so I sold my keyboard to get back. I’d just come out of a bad relationship, my career was going nowhere, I was broke and I had nowhere to live.

Until you bought a one-string guitar?
When I bought it it was just a normal guitar, but my main instrument is the piano, and I just thought ‘shit, I can’t play this’. So I thought ‘d’you know what, I’m going to take all the other strings off and just use the bass notes’. And that’s how I wrote my debut single ‘Crying Blood’.

Thus, “doo wop indie from outer space” – as you call it – was invented. You’re having fun there, dare we say?
I truly believe that if you’re not having fun, then you’re not feeling it. If you’re in the studio and you’re hating it, you just need to piss off and go shopping or something. There’s been a lot of music going around that’s really sad – Duffy’s quite dark, and Amy Winehouse. If I was to define the shades, it’d be sort of greys and browns and beiges.

So what colour is VV Brown’s music then?

VV Brown plays Oran Mor, Glasgow, Fri Nov 7 and Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Sat Nov 8; ‘Crying Blood’ (Island) is out now. www.vvbrown.com

VV Brown - Crying Blood

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