Bobo Stenson Trio - Cantando (4 stars)

Bobo Stenson Trio - Cantando

Swedish pianist Bobo Stenson leads this superb trio with bassist Anders Jormin and drummer Jon Fält in a concert in Edinburgh this month, and their new disc suggests that it will be a must-see occasion. This is the first time that the pianist has recorded with this particular line-up, although Jormin has featured on a number of his previous albums, and Fält has been his live drummer in recent years.

The three musicians have developed a remarkable level of communication, and that is constantly reflected in a set that reveals the expected sense of thoughtful interplay and understated beauty. They are equally capable of raising the temperature when the notion takes them, and the chosen material – including music by Astor Piazzolla, Alban Berg, Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry – is varied enough to showcase a range of styles and moods.

(ECM Records)

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