Super Adventure Club - Chalk Horror! (3 stars)

Super Adventure Club - Chalk Horror!

If this CD becomes a movie (Kung Fu/Ninja preferably), the hybrid title could be The Ghost of Zappa meets Fugazi on prog-rock pills. The debut from Edinburgh trio SAC (er, Bruce, Neil & Mandy) is an unpredictable, genre-busting stream of off-kilter noise-terrorism and mind-manipulating media malarky. Highlights include the Chuck Berry refs on `In the Wee Wee Hours’ (all his number ones maybe?) and the homage to `Tommy Sheridan’ is spazz-jazz on a mission to re-shape the world of math rock, which, incidentally, is also the title of track two.

Ones to watch, and certainly if their shows feature fourth member Johnny B, allegedly a man with a horse’s head. The sleeve warns ‘No-One Who Heard It Lived To Describe It!’ Let us all heed the warning.

(Super Adventure Club)

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