Stewart/Wiseman/Brigg (3 stars)

Cathy’s Book (Bloomsbury)


It’s not enough to just write a book these days, it would seem. With this quirky little multimedia project, a melange of peripheral paraphernalia is wielded to keep our involvement levels unusually high in this identity saga/crime mystery: websites, real phone numbers, a YouTube trailer and a package of clues attached to the book will help or hinder your pleasure.

Cathy is a mixed-up girl who has just been dumped by a chap she suspects might be either a vampire, drug baron, art dealer, master manipulator or a dead man walking or all five. When, against the advice of her superswot best pal Emma, she starts sniffing around for the whole truth, Cathy discovers more questions, leading her into ever increasing circles of danger. Kicking off like Laura Palmer’s diary has been stolen by Bridget Jones before veering towards a Nancy Drew romp, the overall dizzying effect masks the rather flimsy drama. Albeit in a wildly entertaining fashion.

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