Attica rage - Ruin Nation (2 stars)

Attica rage - Ruin Nation

Glasgow’s Attica Rage might have the directions for the road to hard rock valhalla but the second-NWOBHM-coming they are not. Their debut Ruin Nation, although mastered in London by Skunk Anansie’s Ace, is perceptibly DIY and the foursome, who have proved their chops live, have been let down by billowy, underwhelming production which lacks bite and muscle. They know their history for sure, their weighty riffage harks back to the mental-metal 80s. Metallica and Black Label Society are obvious jump off points but one can pick-out only ‘In My Dreams’ and ‘Safe Inside’ as songs worth making return visits to in this form. Go witness them live instead.

(Vanduara Records)

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