Sarah-Jane Summers - Nesta (4 stars)

Sarah-Jane Summers - Nesta

The Norwegian Hardanger fiddle is one of the most distinctive sounding members of the violin family, and invests the Inverness fiddler’s debut solo album with a very characteristic signature, one that will be familiar to anyone who knows her work with Fribo. She employs the instrument on five of the thirteen instrumental sets, including her own tunes ‘The Happy Hardanger’ and ‘Urban Trad’, effectively blended with the rich sonority of Barry Phillips 5-string cello.

She reverts to the Scots fiddle on the remainder of the album, which takes its title from the old Celtic name for the River Ness. She reveals a deft touch and lyrical grace on both instruments in the course of a well-chosen mix of traditional and contemporary tunes. As well as cello, she is supported by Ewan MacPherson’s guitars, Kevin McGuire on bass and percussionist Paul Jennings.

(Dell Daisy Records)

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