Black Carrot - Drink the Black Forest (5 stars)

Black Carrot - Drink the Black Forest

Eight years and only one album release since their formation (2003’s Cluk), Midlands-based Black Carrot come up trumps by tying up the avant-punk power of Pere Ubu, Captain Beefheart and James Chance into one restless bundle.

The quartet play brave, occasionally reckless psychotic improvs – music designed to blow your mind. Numbers such as ‘Keep Out’, ‘Diamonds Aren’t the Answer’, ‘Toctic’, ‘Nervous Was My Information’ and ‘How Do You (Redefine Yourself?)’ take their cue from some maniacal desert demon, Brackley’s tongue-twisting verbals are at times incomprehensible but effective nevertheless. Ones to savour, but have the Anadin ready just in case.

(Tin Angel Records)

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