John Goldie - Open 4 Closure (4 stars)

John Goldie - Open 4 Closure

Guitarist John Goldie’s latest offering eludes easy genre classification. He is probably best know for his jazz work, but is equally comfortable in a range of styles, and this disc is touched by various shades of jazz, folk, rock and funk without falling readily into any of those categories. Each composition has its own character, and the guitarist and his collaborators discover a sound and style to suit them.

If the ‘what’ is an open question, there is no argument about the how. The Airdrie-born guitarist’s technical command and expressive vocabulary continues to develop in impressive fashion with each successive release, and his gifts as a composer are equally compelling. Angus Lyon’s accordion, Peter Harvey’s cello, Andy McKreel’s tuba and the bass and drum combination of Duncan Lyall and Jim Drummond add their own colours and interpretations to the music. Short playing time, though.

(Watercolour Music)

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