Holy Ghost Revival (2 stars)

Holy Ghost Revival

Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Mon 20 Oct

Not only does the Devil have the best tunes, but he lurks in the detail, and so it proved for this five-piece, religiously obeying all the rock’n’roll clichés.

Trashing equipment, leaping out into the audience and sprawling himself across the floor, frontman Conor St Kiley’s hi-jinks were unfortunately distracting from respectable songs, including the truly Spinal Tap-worthy ‘The Gospel According to Judas’.

‘These guys put on an incredible live show,’ a pre-gig warning had dictated, ‘and reviewers are often quite taken aback!’

That was certainly undeniable, as, while St Kiley’s vocal screeching and shuffling moves were lifted wholesale from Axl Rose, there was something else that took a while to pinpoint.

Firstly, it proved that if you push something to one end of the scale, you end up going full circle, and it was interesting to see how cranking up the macho rock factor to 11 ended up being bizarrely camp.

This wasn’t helped by his unnerving resemblance to 90s TV teen sensation Blossom, or politely saying ‘thank you for putting up with us’ to the crowd. Expect the unexpected indeed!

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