5 Things you might not know about - Tina C

Tina C

  1. Despite appearances to the contrary, Tina C is not a genteel C&W dame from Tennessee but is in fact a strapping gentleman by the name of Christopher Green, a bloke from Derbyshire. To be more map-specific, Green hails from Matlock, a true hotbed of comedy talent what with Isy Suttie also being born there.

  2. His favourite shop in Derbyshire is called Mike Hunt Carpets. I'm sure you can work that one out.

  3. Green is also Ida Barr ('the world's first music hall singer turned R&B rap superstar') and Jedd O'Sullivan a culture critic who presented a performance at the Barbican entitled art/slash/porn.
    Which is nice.

  4. Tina has been hellbent on entering the presidential fray this year, if only to 'put the racy into democracy'. Tick My Box was her campaign message as she tried to get some white trash into the White House. When she takes to the Oran Mor stage, there will be a mere 48 hours till the vote gets counted and the hanging chads get ignored. Chances are she may have to try again in 2012.

  5. This Tina C shouldn't be confused with the TINA-C which stands for the Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture Consortium, which was an attempt by certain movers and shakers in the tel-com world to define, design and generally make happen a software architecture for the telecommunication infrastructure. Phew. Think I'll be off to play my Complete and Utter Country CD now.

Oran Mor, Glasgow, Sun 2 Nov.

Tina C

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Hold on to your holster, Miss Tina C is back with her fabulousness to entertain the troops with songs from her latest album 'Tick My Box'. With support from Edinburgh's LGBT choir Loud & Proud. 'Part of Glasgay!'

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