Jamanta Crew

Jamanta Crew

Telefunken is a proper house night. Its music jacks in all the right places, its residents know how to mix without molestation and its guests are great. You can tell residents Alan Gray and Nick Wilson come from the right sort of background because they're confident enough in the roots of their music to leave its inherent sense of humour intact. This is a tradition from which Mark Farina, Derrick Carter and DJ Sneak come: where fun, and not pasty-faced trainspotter-ism, is always de-rigueur on the dancefloor. Alan Gray describes the dancefloor at Telefunken as an unpretentious place for people who 'want to get down', and the organic growth of the club from its roots as a pre-club jam in 2004 indicates the popularity of that simple approach.

This month's guests should fit right in. Jamanta Crew from Brazil have found their way into the hearts, minds and record bags of all of the aforementioned house legends, and, as resident Alan Gray says, their style should work in Niddry Street's famous Caves: 'The Jamanta Crew live PA seems like the perfect follow-up to the night with DJ Sneak. They've been causing a big stir with their bumpty, jackin', techy live show, which is full of fun and irony. I'm sure we'll see a lot of happy faces in the Caves when they're doing their thing.' With Jamanta Crew's sound referencing everything from Latino carnival music, hip hop, post-punk, glitch and booty, it would appear that Telefunken have called it right again.

The Caves, Edinburgh, Fri 8 Nov


Deep expansive house night.


1. Chef De Party3 Nov 2008, 11:13pm5 stars Telefunken Report

Moan Then Ya Humps!!!!!

2. Chef De Party3 Nov 2008, 11:14pm5 stars Telefunken Report

Gerroff the stage Plums!

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