Rebel Waltz

Rebel Waltz

It's been to Barcelona, to Shoreditch and even to Brazil, but Rebel Waltz co-founder Murray Richardson finds much amusement in the fact that his club, which celebrates its tenth anniversary here, will be happening on the very same street on which it was born. Back then he began with a low key residency at C2, as the basement of the City Café was known, and it was one of his earliest guests who would help define the future direction of RW.

'I first met Stuart [Patterson] when he brought his Soulsonic album launch party to Rebel Waltz,' says Richardson. 'We met a few times after that when we played in London together, and when I moved to Barcelona I invited Stuart to play Rebel Waltz once it was set up out there. He did, and that night we played the whole set together, back to back, tune for tune. It was so successful that it became the formula of Rebel Waltz from then on.'

It was the pair's shared taste in music (Devo, The Clash and The Specials as well as soul, funk, electro, reggae and classic disco) that got them working together across the world for the best part of a decade, and it's their fluency in working these back to back house sets for up to five or six hours at a time that makes their partnership so special. While Patterson now runs East Village in London and Richardson - also a prolific producer - is back home in Prestwick, the Rebel Waltz duo still take their sound around the globe, with a month's worth of dates in Brazil lined up for early next year.

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