Dave Gibbons - Watching the Watchmen (4 stars)

Dave Gibbons - Watching the Watchmen

If pushed to name the greatest comic ever, most would say The Watchmen. Aimed at an adults, when writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons created a hugely detailed world where heroes did exist, they made it so realistic it was almost another genre of comics altogether from the rest of the capes and tights brigade.

While we tentatively hold our breath for 2009's film version, this wonderfully packaged companion takes us behind the scenes on the comic. Gibbons gives his history of The Watchmen from concept to execution through to the reception and fall out. Pages of design work, concept sketches and art bolster this glossy hardback, giving a real insight into the creation of a masterpiece.

Watching the Watchmen is published by Titan.

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