Jesse Reklaw - The Night of Your Life (4 stars)

Jesse Reklaw - The Night of Your Life

Since 1995 American cartoonist Jesse Reklaw has invited readers of his website ( to submit synopses of their dreams, then adapts the best into four-panel comic strips.

Reklaw's second compilation (after 2000's Dreamtoons) features a surreal discount shopping spree with Yoda, a woman who marries a carrot, and the kudos of giving birth to a baby monkey. Although each page tells a separate tale, the strips are illustrated in the same striking style, economically bringing to life some very complex worlds. It's the ideal medium to succinctly capture the absurdity of dreams, and the prosaic locution - 'I was in a forest. A badger asked if I was here to visit the talking jelly' - makes it all the more bizarre.

Occasionally poignant rather than funny, the stories often seem surprisingly familiar. A great book to dip into before bedtime … for inspiration.

The Night of Your Life is published by Dark Horse.

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