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  • The List
  • 30 October 2008

5 crime paperbacks

  1. Natasha Cooper A Poisoned Mind
    The ninth in the Trish Maguire series with two literally explosive plots running side by side. Pocket.
  2. Lee Weeks The Trafficked
    Dubbed the female James Paterson, this one features kidnapped kids in Hong Kong and burnt corpses in London. Avon.
  3. Xavier Marie Bonnot The First Fingerprint
    A French mystery merging history, myth and murder with bits of Shamanism and cannibalism chucked in for very good measure. Quercus.
  4. David Stone The Orpheus Deception
    International espionage, state-sponsored cover-ups and lots of chasing about with 'the cleaner', Micah Dalton. Penguin.
  5. Gavin Esler A Scandalous Man
    The Newsnight guy with a Michael Dobbs-esque thriller with lashings of scandal, politics, sex and intrigue of a general, as well as specific, nature. Harper.

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