Laura Dockrill - Mistakes in the Background (2 stars)

Laura Dockrill - Mistakes in the Background

The emergence of a sassy-tongued poet who can relate to the yoof should be a good thing. And Laura Dockrill, aka MC Dockers, truly does seem to be articulating, in her unaffected, unchecked, stream of consciousness way, the existence of the Facebook generation. In the past, this collection of babblings and childish scribblings would have remained hidden in a shoebox under a bed. But now it's published as a lurid pink book and podcast tie-in with free wrapping paper and stickers, so painfully twee, lo-fi indie and zeitgeist-focused that absorbing it for more than ten minutes at a time may make your head hurt.

Like comedian Josie Long's more rambling musings illustrated in the style of the Purple Ronnie cartoons, it's got a girlish, daydreamy quality, but you just know the talented Dockrill has been over-indulged by besotted editors who reckon they've landed 'the next big thing'.

Mistakes in the Background is published by HarperCollins.

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