Get on your bikes and ride!

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  • 30 October 2008

'Cycles,' say the organisers, 'is a musical event. It's also about bicycles.' Good, that's cleared that one up, then. That's about as close as we can come to it too, to be honest. So, there's live and electronic music inspired by - and played on - bikes, by jazz drummer Thomas Strønen and the reliably wacky Mr McFall's Chamber string section. There will also be a bike surgery from 5pm, demonstrations of two-wheeled derring-do and a discussion forum. The idea is to promote cycling as a healthy, eco-friendly alternative means of transport, and to create a community feel amongst local bikists.

Out of the Blue Drill Hall, Edinburgh, Wed 12 Nov. £8 (£6 in advance from the Bongo Club).

Cycles featuring Mr McFall's Chamber with Thomas Strønen

A celebration of all things bicycle-related. The evening kicks off with a free cycle fair, including surgery, displays, info from 5pm followed by a concert at 8pm. The musical performance promises a cycle-influenced series of works for percussion, electronics and strings composed and performed by Thomas Strønen, Brian…

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