Pete Wentz's death fears

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  • 27 October 2008
Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz's death fears

Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz says his management thought he would die at 27 because he was taking so many drugs

Pete Wentz's management thought he would die at 27.

The 29-year-old rocker - who is the bassist in Fall Out Boy - has revealed record company bosses feared he would follow in the footsteps of rock legends Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain by dying at that age because he was taking so many drugs.

He said: "I spent most of the year I was 27 toxic, just completely over-medicated. I was stoked to make it past 27.

"Everyone was really worried. My management company were panicked, because I was out of the office, and 'pharmaceutically engaged'."

Guitarist and singer Patrick Stump added the management team could barely contain their relief when Pete turned 28.

He said: "There was a countdown clock and everything. I remember, our manager called me up on Pete's 28th birthday and screamed, 'We made it!' "

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