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  • 14 February 2007

Five websites where you can get something for nothing

Whoever said you can’t get something for nothing was clearly lying. Here are the websites that should be in every cheapskate’s favourites.
The Freecycle Network has over three million members worldwide, brought together through localised Yahoo groups. It aims to recycle unwanted items and keep stuff out of landfills. Get rid of what you don’t need and get what you do need: your tat’s another person’s treasure.
Ever fancied being in the audience for Ready Steady Cook? If that’s too close to Ainslie Harriott for comfort (we’d understand) then you can also get free tickets to be in the audience at a wide variety of other TV and radio shows ranging from Top Gear to The X Factor.
Fab freebies section, allowing you to find people in your area who want to get rid of random things. Hamsters, printers, garden furniture . . . Keep in mind that, although they’re free, you’ll probably need to collect them. Obviously a hamster would be slightly easier to get on the bus than a shed.
Rakes of free samples, discount vouchers, and general freebies. Something for everyone. And if you don’t believe us, go and look. There’s a two-week free trial at Blockbuster for you, free colouring books for the kids and a free pet food measuring cup for the cat.
Too embarrassed to take your Mills & Boon books to the charity shop? Regretting thinking that Catwoman was a good buy? Swap books you’re bored with, rubbish CDs and dire DVDs at tiletrader for the stuff you should’ve bought.

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