• The List
  • 14 February 2007


Ignore the criticisms. Lost, which returns to UK screens this month, is the best soap opera on television, the kind that keeps you awake wondering what a polar bear is doing on a desert island. It has more layers than a deep-fried Mars Bar, and always raises more questions than it answers. If you haven’t seen it already, buy the box set, take the day off and discover why it’s still compulsive viewing.


No, we’re not referring to those daft fins on the back of your ned neighbour’s mazda, but to when TV companies insist on trailing the next episode of a series at the end of the previous episode and ruin the cliffhanger. ‘What do you mean he’s been shot?’ ‘Why, then, is he walking about?’ Stop it E4, C4, Five, Living TV and More 4. Let us enjoy the tension of a good what happened next.

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