Lindsay Lohan's Ugly tears

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  • 24 October 2008
Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan's Ugly tears

America Ferrera reportedly made Lindsay Lohan cry on the set of 'Ugly Betty', and got her "kicked off" the hit US TV show

America Ferrera reportedly made Lindsay Lohan cry when she unwittingly exposed Lindsay's lower half on the set of 'Ugly Betty'.

America - who plays lead character Betty Suarez on the hit US TV show - decided to turn the tables on Lindsay in one scene which involved the 'Mean Girl' actress' character pulling down Betty's trousers.

A source said: "One episode, called 'Granny Pants' was about how Lindsay, playing Betty's high school nemesis, would 'de-pants' America. But instead, America pulls down Lindsay's pants. And Lindsay wasn't wearing any underwear."

However, a friend of Lindsay denies she bared all, saying: "Bulls**t! Lindsay wears underwear all the time now. She was wearing a G-string. And it was America's fault. They were rehearsing the scene and America wasn't supposed to pull Lindsay's pants down - but she did. Lindsay was so embarrassed, she started crying."

It has also been claimed the arguments between the two stars led to Lindsay only appearing in four episodes of the show, instead of the six she was scheduled to do.

The source added to the New York Post newspaper: "America was mean to Lindsay. Producers give her too much power. Lindsay didn't do the last two episodes because America didn't like her and got her kicked off.

"It was a mess. Lindsay would show up every day with an entourage of people. She smoked 24/7, and after she left, they had to repaint her dressing room it was such a mess.

"Lindsay would obsessively cut pictures of herself out of the tabloids like she was creating some sort of scrapbook and refused to go on set until America was there - it was a power play."

A representative for America said: "America is grateful to have had her on the show and thinks everyone should tune in to see how great the episodes are."

Lindsay's spokesperson added: "Lindsay was scheduled for six episodes and is appearing in four but had a lovely time."

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