Exposure: The ID Parade

Exposure: Southern Tenant Folk Union

The ID Parade - Against The Law

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This Glasgow five-piece haven’t had a lot of luck with the law. They took their moniker from one lairy night out, when frontman Doug annoyed a cabbie so much he ended up in the nick, only to be wrongly identified in a line-up due to a passing resemblance to the guilty offender. Carrying on with the crim theme, their new aptly-titled single ‘Against the Law’ is a catchy indie romp-a-thon driven by rumbling drums and soaring harmonies. If this is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

The ID Parade, please describe your bobby-baiting-selves?

‘Well if you could imagine Bootsy Collins, Quincy ME, and Zed from Police Academy formed a band with Bill Cosby as their freaky Bez style dancer then you'd be getting kinda close’.

And what kinds of mischief have you been up to lately?

‘We've been gigging all over Glasgow and we recently launched ‘Against the Law,' at the Flying Duck. John McManus from the Miscarriages Of Justice Organization (MOJO) came down with Gerry Conlon and we had our picture taken with them. It was a great night and a big success. For the rest of the year we’ll be grabbing up our nuts and going into hibernation. Oh, and maybe working on the debut album a bit’.

Can we get in on the action? We’ve heard your live shows are pretty raucous affairs …

‘We’d describe our gigs as sweaty, sexy and ever so slightly surreal – and we usually entice people in with the promise of a free pie’.


ABC2, Glasgow, Sat 25 Oct (with You Can’t Eat the Word Food).

You Can't Eat the Word Food, ID Parade, Vox Populi and Andrew Jackson

Alternative rock with a touch of psychedelia from the headliners.

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