Protect the human

  • The List
  • 14 February 2007

Darius Danesh stands in a swimming pool, Courtney Love sprawls on the floor of the Dorchester Hotel, newspaper in one hand and placard in the other. Terry Jones mugs as he loads the dishwasher and protests about control of the arms trade and Dougray Scott is captured on the set of his latest film. Bill Nighy and Gorillaz also feature and Anthony Minghella has taken his Respect Refugees banner to the cinema (fortunately there’s no-one sitting behind him). Protect the Human, a new exhibition by photographers Jake Gavin and Sean Gleason, shows an intriguing range of celebrities going about their business while carrying Amnesty International protest banners. Together they demonstrate the importance of maintaining an awareness of human rights.
The Hallion, Glasgow, Mon 19 - Sat 24 Feb.

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