Daniel Craig's wedding Bond

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  • 21 October 2008

Daniel Craig and Satsuki Mitchell

Daniel Craig has vowed not to let playing James Bond prevent him from marrying long-term girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell

Daniel Craig says playing James Bond won't stop him getting married.

The actor - who reprises his role as the British spy in upcoming movie 'Quantum of Solace' - insists the character's lothario image won't deter him from proposing to long-term girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell.

When Daniel was asked on US TV show 'Extra', "Are you ever getting married, and if you did, would that hurt the Bond image?" he replied, "Why should it hurt the Bond image? It wouldn't. I don't think it would. And whether I'm going to get married, that's between me and the person I'm going to get married to."

Daniel - who previously revealed it was his James Bond predecessor Pierce Brosnan who convinced him to take the role - also revealed his favourite movie in the famous film franchise.

He said: "Sean Connery is my favourite Bond, without a doubt. Nothing against Pierce and everyone else though. And my favourite Bond film is 'From Russia with Love' because it had the best bad guy in Red Grant. You really felt like Bond was in danger."

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