Exposure - The King Blues

Exposure - The King Blues

It’s all going pretty well for the The King Blues. Having built up a devoted following on the live circuit after long weeks, months and years of touring, and having been championed by the likes of Zane Lowe and Mike Davies at BBC Radio One, their debut album Save The World, Get The Girl is on the cusp of release (literally – it comes out today).

If the musical ground they tread on, stomp on - with footprints still clearly visible from Joe Strummer, King Prawn and The Dead 60s - is busy with many others young bands equally eager to muscle in on the ska punk anthem action, the band’s pioneering spirit in other non musical aspects of their approach makes them stand out as a band who like to do things differently. An effort to break Status Quo’s world record of four gigs performed in a day saw them do seven. For the release of 2007 single 'Underneath This Lamppost Light' the band releases the individual instrument files of the track for remixers all over the world to have a go with. Not only that, but they’re a punk band who use acoustic guitars fer Crissakes. No macho guitar slinging here to posture with, just raw attitude.

Daytime airplay on Radio One for their single Boulder certainly won’t hurt, but those expecting more of the singalong pub chorus showcased on their ultra-accessible taster might have a long wait. There’s a suprising depth to their sound beyond the Sham 69 shoutalong of their radio friendly edit. Elsewhere, acoustic guitars skank, echoplexes echo, snares crack and frontman Itch’s ska patois (skatois?) intones with tales from their world. Here’s your chance to step into it.

The King Blues play The Barfly at The List Exposure Night, Glasgow, 29 Oct

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