Jenny McCarthy's diet cure

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  • 17 October 2008

Jenny McCarthy

Actress Jenny McCarthy claims she helped her six-year-old son Evan overcome autism by feeding him a strict diet containing no wheat or dairy

Jenny McCarthy claims she helped her son overcome autism.

The actress - who believes six-year-old Evan became autistic after having an MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) injection aged 19 months - says a strict diet free from wheat and dairy cured Evan, adding she has now made "a deal with God" to spread the word about his miraculous recovery.

She said: "I heard Evan laugh - I jumped on the bed and started screaming. When he finally hugged me, I prayed, 'Please God don't let this be the only time.'

"I made a deal with God. I said, 'You fix my boy, you show me the way and I'll teach the world how I did it.' "

Jenny's comments have reportedly been criticised by the American Academy of Paediatrics, an official body which does not believe there is a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

However, 35-year-old actress claims the organisation is simply refusing to accept evidence which does not fit in with previously held beliefs.

She told Us Weekly magazine: "Evan was non-speaking, hands flapping in the corner and didn't know anyone was in the room. Look where he is now. I healed a vaccine injury. The Centres for Disease Control and American Academy of Paediatrics won't endorse or even look at our treatment."

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